Start a 3T MRI Study

This document is designed to help you start an MRI research study at the Lane Neuroimaging Lab. 

    Getting Started:

  1. Complete the Acquisition Strategy Request Form and submit it to Ginny Hayes, MRI lab manager. This information will help our trained staff here at the lab to assist you with the design of your experiment. The research question and experimental design are important aspects to obtaining useful data.
  2. Human Subjects Committee approval is necessary before you can receive approval for use of the MRI at the Lane Neuroimaging Lab and any subjects can be scanned. All investigators must complete the online human subjects training. HSC/IRB approval can be a lengthy process; you should submit your protocol as soon as possible. You will also want to make sure your consent form includes all physiological measures you wish to collect, the ability to run 2-3 single session pilots to test both your paradigm and equipment,  and that it includes the information about “possible abnormal findings”.
  3. Once you have received approval from the IRB for your protocol complete the MRI Research Application and submit it along with your approved protocol to Ginny Hayes, MRI lab manager.  She will organize a MRI Users Committee meeting and notify you by letter of approval for MRI use.  No scans or testing will be allowed without the Users Committee approval.

    Once you are approved:

  1. MRI safety is a serious matter.  All persons involved in your research group who will be present during your scans must watch the MRI safety video and be safety screened by the Lane Neuroimaging Lab technician prior to any scans being preformed.
  2. Once you have received your letter of approval from the MRI Users Committee and have completed the safety requirements you may email the lab at to discuss your time slot for scanning, the equipment available for stimulus, and your MR protocol.  Your MR protocol will be the sheet given to the technician to instruct him or her as to what parameters to use when scanning subjects for your study. You will also need to contact Ginny Hayes to obtain secure card access to the MRI suite.
  3. It is very important that your research subjects are properly prepared. Each subject must be metal screened on first contact (if a doctor’s note is required please obtain that prior to the day of the scan), the day of the simulator session and the day of the scan. The technician will review these screenings with you and your subject. There is also an important patient information sheet for you to give the subject prior to the day of the scan.
  4. A MRI simulator is available for use if you choose to “simulate” your subjects prior to the actual scan.  Please contact the lab via email at for additional information on the simulator or to schedule its use.

    Day of Scan:

  1. After the research subject has been prepped and the group prior to you has completed their scan you will need to bring the completed metal screening form and signed consent form to the technician.  Please do not bring the subject into the MRI control room until the MRI technician has received the screening form and consent and told you they are ready for the subject. The technician cannot scan until they have received the completed forms and entered them.  The research subject may not enter the magnet room under any circumstances until you are given the go ahead by the technician.
  2. Once your scan is complete please remember to be considerate of other groups who are preparing their research subjects in the MRI suite.

How to Schedule:

Please contact Tristan Pautsch ( for instructions on how to view the MRI scanner and simulator calendars for scheduling.
Once you are able to view the calendar and have decided what time you would like please email the MRI techs and Lab manager to schedule time. Contact information is available on the faculty and staff page.

Obtaining your data:

When your scan is complete you will be provided with a data information sheet that explains how you can access your data.